The Qi Gong Enhancer ~ SRC4U ~ Grand Master David Harris

Why does a rather young American Grand Master of 4 Martial Arts spend his entire life learning to excel at martial self defense while taking his opponents down, winning the most coveted awards, building his dojo, and acquiring students, only to close his dojo and stop fighting?  Sounds like a mystery to me yet there is an answer.

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Grand Master David Harris did all of the above, and far more than I can tell you here, for a very specific and purposeful reason. He decided that the way to use that kind of power, force, discipline, and knowledge of the human body, mind, and life-force needed a grander purpose.  He felt that Spirit was calling him to a higher purpose and that his knowledge was not to be used as a weapon, but rather a gift that could help far more people than he would ever want to dominate in competition. David Harris knew that the same energy that defeats can also help people find themselves again. The more he studied Qi Gong, the more he knew what his purpose in life was really all about.

After years of guiding and teaching students to become confident and able young men and young women of accomplishment, the Grand Master hung up his gi (uniform), put away his black belts, and sat down at the computer to create a way to use the energy of Qi Gong in a program that would act as though people were practicing Qi Gong while doing everyday things that people do.  People thought he was crazy but the result is a program that proves once again that we are essentially energy. We are energy that is unstoppable. That energy can be read and applied through a computerized energetic Qi Gong session as though you had gone to a class – well – to a very advanced class, and received the benefits of hours and hours of practice with one session while going about your life or sleeping through the night.

If you aren’t asking all the right questions right now, you don’t understand the healthful beauty of martial arts like Qi Gong, Kung Fu, Aikido, Tai Chi, and all the others studied by people all over the world for over 3000 years. Did you really think all they do is break large piles of blocks with their crotches while yelling as loud as they can in each others faces? Think again.

Grand Master David Harris has approximately 95 videos on and has become a teacher of the higher purpose of martial arts. I guess you could say he has graduated to his divine purpose. Six years of sitting at a computer 12 and 15 hours a day combined with teaching at an entirely new level of energy, has borne fruit at long last. That fruit for our happiness and health is the program, and SRC4All or SRC4U is being demonstrated by Grand Master David at dojos, and centers around Florida because he is here and ready to share this amazing program. He and his team will be in Sarasota this week at the Radiance Center speaking to a full house about SRC4All and demonstrating how it works.

This program is of interest to everyone and most especially to people who work in the healing arts and internal energy arts such as those mentioned above. Cosmeticians, massage therapists, physical therapists, kinesiologists, and various caregivers  might find the Qi Gong Enhancer very helpful with their patients programs for deeper relaxation and easier results. Chinese Medicine practitioners and all martial artists will love this product because they really understand Qi Gong.

Anyone can use this for relaxation and workouts with no physical requirements that might hurt them in any way.  It is a computer program and very effective from my personal experience.I put it on when I go to walk and when I study. It really relaxes and recharges me while making me feel like I had a full Qi Gong workout!

My husband and I have been using the program for a few months and found that we sleep better than ever, we feel more energized, and far more toned, as though having completed a total workout while resting, walking, working, and gardening or teaching. As an energy workshop facilitator, I felt like I had to share this product so others would have the experience for themselves. You can have your own experience with the free trial on the website.

will be at Radiance of Sarasota at 7 pm on Thursday March 24, 2011. Come and meet a real Grand Master of 4 Martial Arts systems and see what is new in Qi Gong from a wellness perspective.

I think this is history in the making. Come and see for yourself! Grand Master David is – you guessed – awesome!

I am Alexandra Barrett and I am a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator.

P.S. You can even do a total face rejuvenation with this program!

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