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Hello and Welcome! Alexandra is my name, Energy Transformation is my game!

Yes,I am Alexandra Barrett, Essentially Energy Author, Energy Transformation Coach, and Facilitator of several energy workshops for expanding the pure core of energy and wholeness you were born with while clearing toxic emotions and memories.

What is Energy Transformation? I am glad you asked! You have no idea how powerful you are in that amazing body of yours.

Your body will never lie to you and I can show you just what that means.  It is simply miraculous!  You are a walking talking lie detector!  You can’t even fool yourself-not really.   All you have to do is learn how to use that to your advantage and I can show you how to ask your energy anything you ever wanted to learn about yourself and get an honest answer.  When you really want to know the truth just ask your energy!

I believe Comprehensive Kinesiology is rapidly becoming a very important part of our lives and will accelerate in the years to come. Those who are learning to use this amazing and natural tool now will be the new leaders of healthier, happier, more wholesome living.

I am proud to have trained with Dr. Ed Carlson personally.  He is the Founder of all the Energy Essentials programs.

More about me….

Prior to 2004 I was in the world of finance and mortgages for 15 years full time. My passion was the time I spent after work going to workshops, meeting various self growth gurus and learning about the meta-physical me.  I spent thousands of hours and dollars on learning everything I could about my inner life and world beyond the 5 senses. I spent a week with Dick Sutphen (early 1980′s) and got certified in hypnosis and past life regression, I worked with individuals and groups on quitting smoking, weight loss and relationship issues. In NY & NJ I did workshops for executive women and women in their 40′s to 60′s broke boards for the first time ever (later 1980′s) with their bare hands.  You had to be there! That was my sideline… I found EFT in 1999 and added another tool to my “help you help yourself” belt and along with guided meditations began to get more serious about making a career of personal growth. I studied with the best of the time from Tony Robbins to Marianne Williamson. NYC was a great place to be during those years and I spent a lot of time going back and forth from NYC to LA. Sound familiar?  Meanwhile, I was getting burned out on mortgages,banking, and real estate.

In 2004 I read what would turn out to be a very important, a life changing book, by Dr. David R. Hawkins called Power vs. Force. For all of 2004 I carried Power vs Force with me everywhere and read it daily. I could not absorb the information fast enough. People would say “are you still reading that book?” and I would smile and nod an affirmative yes, I am. They did not understand. I was trying to absorb Dr. Hawkins work into my very cells. I was so taken with and shaken by what I read that I had to be sure I understood the message fully.

We are your Energy Transformation Team!

In late 2005 I sold my home and met Michael Barrett while working on the volunteer team for T. Harv Eker of Peak Potentials. I volunteered ten+ events around the country, while taking every event I could, and filled myself with love of inspiration and perspiration needed for working with large groups of people and teams.  We traveled many roads together and apart during the next few years and in 2009 we met Dr. Ed Carlson at an event in North Carolina and came to Florida to work with the founder of Core Health and Heart Forgiveness. I forgot about everything else and focused on Core Health and Heart Forgiveness as we both became Certified Facilitators.

Now that is transformation! No more real estate, no more mortgages and no more renovations and title closings. That part of my life was over. It was a big change and at times it was really challenging but nothing else worked for me as we went deeper and deeper into energy work. I believe it is a calling. I believe I was called the day I picked up Dr. Hawkins book and could not put it down. Much of Dr. Carlson’s work was based on the work of Dr. Hawkins and Dr. John Diamond, among others.  There were times I thought I was crazy but I kept moving forward and adjusting my focus no matter what happened. I am very thankful to Source Energy.  I was  privileged to work directly with Dr. Carlson for my certifications and due to that I learned things you just don’t learn from a book.

My purpose in life is to live my passion for inspiring people to be their best and truest selves using whatever tools I have acquired and those I will continue to acquire each and every day.

Besides being a Certified Facilitator, I am also an Energy Transformation Coach. Being a practitioner and ardently committed student of the Law of Attraction; I have finally come to a place where I can live it more consistently and help others, through my coaching, training, and facilitating to identify their habits and live in alignment more consciously. I work with the universal laws of life. Unloading our energy baggage, understanding the way energy works, and developing habits that serve us is more important than ever.

As your coach, I can assist you in identifying where you are out of alignment with your pure core of wholeness and self-forgiveness, make corrections and clarify what is holding you back. I work with energy, not with my opinions. I measure everything with you to see what is true and what is not. That is a key difference in the way I work as opposed to other coaches.   The Key Is To Be Free.

Under the umbrella of Essentially Energy, I have gathered a collection of tools that I use with my coaching clients.  My core modality for working with people to be healthy and happy is Core Health.  The Heart Forgiveness Workshop is my introduction to energy work and I utilize the series of Heart Forgiveness, Core Health, and Funny with Money to free people of both personal and collective glitches that make up the personal baggage and impediments to freedom that they want so much to be freed from. That program series is the diamond of the Energy Essentials programs and out of that was born my company Essentially Energy. The truth is that we are essentially energy! After observing and training with thousands I can attest to what works and what does not!

The power and health and happiness your seek are already INSIDE YOU! We all want to be IN-powered- take our power from the inside out not EM-powered from the outside in.  My job is to help you uncover your pure core.  It is there, I assure you!  You were born with it!

Welcome to Essentially Energy and all that I will be introducing related to energy and you. Please email me at for a workshop scheduling question, a coaching appointment, phone or Skype private sessions, or to discuss a plan for identifying and clearing your energy of falsehoods, anger, confusion about your life direction, and whatever you think may be holding you back.

YOU HAVE A PURE CORE OF HEALTH.  NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT AWAY. The good news is this; now that you know it is there, I can assist you with uncovering it and being more of who you are.

The most important person you can trust in this work is yourself. I am here to assist you as you uncover the truth and rediscover your inborn core of pure health. The good news is your body never lies.

Alexandra Barrett, Energy Transformation Coach, Sarasota, FL 2009 

 Update March 2012

Our newest workshops focus on leaders and their supporting staff members, and also couples and their family members and friends who are involved in their daily lives. It is very effective to include those most prominent in your daily life because they affect you and are affected by you. When you are free AND they are also free, everyone progresses and helps each other to sustain the work you have done while supporting and encouraging each other. No one is an island and we do not progress alone in our journey to wholeness.


















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  2. Virginia Baden says:


    I am very interested in learning more about your Core Health workshops. I met someone last week from Seminole who has attended this and had amazing things to say about it.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,


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