Heart Forgiveness Workshop

Energy Essentials, Dr. Ed Carlson, created a series of  Life Applications programs for healing with and through the energy body. There are several in existence now, and more being developed that specifically target areas of blockages around certain hot topics in life.

Join Certified Facilitators, Michael and Alexandra Barrett for an intensive weekend:

Healing anger with Forgiveness is one of the most important of the targeted areas and is “forgiveness healing” at its best. When we forgive from the head we can never really release the blockages in the body because we hold the energy.When the same buttons are pushed again years later after many forgiveness sessions with ourselves and others, the same old pain is reactivated through anger and memories retained in the energy body.

Heart Forgiveness, an Energy Essentials Workshop, which we prefer to call a play-shop, assists individuals to FORGIVE from their heart, rather than their head.

4 Three-Hour Sessions

Would you like to:

  • Experience the JOY of a lighter heart?
  • Be Free FROM the drag of the past?
  • Be Free TO leave the past behind and move fully into the present?
  • Be Free to RECEIVE and to GIVE from your heart?

What do you know about anger besides how it affects your state of mind and relationships?   Anger can be a deadly emotion, based on volumes of research by Dr. Carlson and many others in the field.

Anger releases high voltage toxic chemicals inside your body, damaging organs and your ability to think creatively.

Residual and current anger contributes to a variety of dis-eases: heart attack, cancers, arthritis, ulcers, migraine, high blood pressure, etc.


How do I accomplish this for me, personally?

How do I experience this in my life?

How do I move past “Anger Management” into living freely, effectively, and joyfully?

Heart Forgiveness DISSOLVES anger and resentment.

Changes are immediately EXPERIENCED in your whole being, body, and energy.

You learn to live UNOFFENDABLE.

Heart Forgiveness releases HEALTHY HORMONES into your whole body.

Life becomes easier and more FUN.

What participants love about this process is “…that it is fast, fun, and freeing!”

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