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From Our Friends @ SRC4YOU and Sh-E-Motion Comes eBody4You!

eBody prelaunch is almost over

Thursday, June 28, 2012 7:36 PM

In just a few days the eBody4You official launch will be over!

 eBody4You is the newest SRC4U product!

 And the testimonies speak volumes re: the value of this product.

 eBody4You is designed to enhance your fitness level;

no matter what the level.

 If you’re the sofa to fridge type, that’s ok. eBody4You can

enhance your fitness level.

 If you’re the workout enthusiast and are in great shape,

eBody4You can also enhance your fitness level.

 Have you tried the 14 day FREE trial?

 eBody4You  Free  Demo

 Here are a couple of great benefits after just a couple of days using this revolutionary software:

 “I can’t believe how much my stride has increased! I was taking these small little steps and it was aggravating to me because it made me feel older than I am, but a couple of days ago, I walked to the mail box with ease and a long stride! – very exciting stuff! Thank you!” TH – OH

 “The dreaded stomach machine at the gym! They want you to do 10 reps; I’ve not been able to do 10 reps. I raneBody4You during my FREE trial and I did the 10!!!! I thought I’d really pay for that with sore stomach muscles,but no pain! I love it! Ordering mine before the month is out. Thank you! KS – IA

 Now are you ready to try the 14 day FREE demo? Click the link below. 

 eBody4You  Free  Demo                                       

 The ability to enhance the body’s energetic flow and/or remove energetic blockages can have a profound effect on the body.  

 That’s what eBody4You does. It enhances the flow ofenergy and works to remove energetic blockages in the body.

 You can run the Yoga program even if you’ve never done Yoga. There are stretching routines, gymnastics, tai chi, walking, strength exercises, aerobics and the list goes on.

 Gotta have it? There are 3 ways to get eBody4You.

Choose the one best for you!

 1.       Not sure? Try the eBody4You Free Demo! Once you experience the product, we believe you won’t want to be without eBody4You!

eBody4You  Free  Demo

 2.       Purchase an online subscription for yourself. It’s $9.95 per month with one window. Additional  windows may be purchased.  Online subscriptions begin in June!

Click the link below to order your subscription: 

eBdody4You Subscription

 3.       The best option! Take advantage of the Pre-Launch pricing thru June 30th. Purchase the

         eBody4You Portable Version USB Stick for only



After June 30th, the price will be $1000. So, don’t

miss out on this Pre-Launch Pricing!

 With the eBody4You Portable USB stick, you’ll receive 10 windows. That means you can run 10 people, groups or even furry loved ones – your adorable pets all at one time!

 Your family and friends will love you for including them in this great software!

Give them an energetic workout!

 Click the link below to take advantage of the

eBody4You Prelaunch Sale: 

eBody4You USB Stick

 Whether your exercise program involves the gym, the spa,

Pilates, yoga, running, swimming, whatever you do – even

nothing at all, we believe that eBody4You Qi Gong

enhancing software can enhance your results!

 To your health,

 Terrie Foley
19046 Bruce B. Downs Blvd #73
Tampa, FL 33647

 P.S. Don’t forget the pre-launch price of $500 ends June 30th


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Sh-E-motion; Personal Empowerment software designed with women in mind… Tue, 27 Mar 2012 00:10:22 +0000 Alexandra Barrett Continue reading ]]> An Update by the SRC4U Team for my readers and friends of Essentially Energy!

Hundreds of women (and many men!) have had the opportunity to experience the latest in energetic balancing afforded by the Sh-E-motion software. The responses given us by the Beta test users were overwhelmingly positive. Constructive insights were provided by many of the users and their thoughtful suggestions were carefully evaluated as we began preparing the official release version.

With a scant week to go, before the release of the official release version of the software is made available, we would like to share with you a peek of what is to come…

Sh-E-motion official release version available

On April 1st, the official release version of Sh-E-motion will be released. This official release version will be made available to all those who have registered to use the Sh-E-motion software during the Beta test phase. Ensure that you have loaded the SRC4U Software Updater program onto your computer — as that is the vehicle by which all software updates are provided to our customers. See the SRC4U Software Updater program website page for more information about downloading and installing the Updater software.

Use the SRC4U Software Updater program to get the Sh-E-motion official release version

To obtain the Sh-E-motion official release version, use the SRC4U Software Updater program and “update” the Sh-E-motion software. This version will be made available for two weeks (from April 1st through the 14th) at no charge. Please feel free to forward on this email / tell everyone that you know, that the Sh-E-motion software continues to be available for FREE until the 14th of April to anyone who wishes to register. The link for the FREE registration version is:

Online Subscriptions will be available on April 15th

On April 15th, the Sh-E-motion online subscriptions will become publicly available. All information will be posted on the SRC4U website — Sh-E-motion page at:

During the initial phase, the pricing will be identical to the SRC4U Premium Online subscription version, and Annual and Lifetime subscription options are available. The four Founders continue to provide the “Zero Down / Zero Interest” in-house financing option for Lifetime subscriptions — a truly wonderful opportunity to own advanced energetic balancing software at an affordable amount.

Sh-E-motion portable version on USB flash stick / dongle available at 50% off during Founders Sh-E-motion Pre-Launch Special

At the request of many who Beta tested the online version, the four Founders have decided to provide the Sh-E-motion software on a portable USB flash stick / dongle! Take advantage of the SRC4U Founders Sh-E-motion Pre-Launch Special and purchase the She-E-motion portable dongle version software at a 50% savings! The Sh-E-motion dongles will retail at $1,000 beginning on May 1st, but until then, starting right now, the four Founders are offering the Sh-E-motion portable version dongles at $500 each. Take advantage of the Sh-E-motion Pre-Launch $500 special pricing by using this link to purchase:

It is anticipated that Sh-E-motion portable version dongles, purchased during this Founder Pre-Launch Special will be delivered on or before May 16th.

The same “Zero Down / Zero Interest” in-house financing option will be available on May 1st for the purchase of the Sh-E-motion portable dongle version at the retail price of $1,000.

Key Sh-E-motion software changes available with official release version

Some of the key software changes that have been incorporated — and will be made available with the Sh-E-motion official release version include:

· the ability to save and then later load previously created session issue information

· the ability to right click and instantly populate the ten issue cells with either of the Empowerment Protocol issues (both Inhibitory and Promotion issues)

· an altogether new look to the interface (what you see on the main screen)

· an expanded databank of issues to select / auto-select from

Educational Videos will be made available

Various educational videos are being prepared and will be made available, online through YouTube.

Thanks go to You!

Thanks go to all who have supported the SRC4U Team by your countless hours of Beta testing and recording and sharing of your results and use Sh-E-motion. Making this transformational women oriented Personal Empowerment software available to the women of the world has been quite an undertaking, and we thank all of you for being a part of the process.

Kathy Blair, CMO and The Entire SRC4U Team.

March 24, 2012


19046 Bruce B. Downs Blvd #73

Tampa, FL 33647

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Sh-E-motion! FREE Beta – An SRC4You Inspiration Tue, 06 Mar 2012 15:47:22 +0000 Alexandra Barrett Continue reading ]]> Calling All Women! Sh-E-Motion!

The Founders of SRC4You-Spiritual Real Time Correction for You have done it again with an online program for women that deals specifically with female related issues for women of all ages and lifestyles!

Sh-E-Motion is cutting edge technology for breaking through emotional issues and negative or limiting thought processes common to most women that can often take years of therapy and self help processes to remove or bring into balance..

I have used and completed the program and I highly recommend and strongly urge YOU to take this opportunity to utilize this program daily for one month free during the limited Beta testing program.

That means no cost to you for 30 days if you act now.

The program will be available for further usage in April 2012 at a monthly user fee of 9.95 per month to complete your program or share with others. For example, I am running my daughter through the program this month and she wants to share with friends and relatives as do I. This is very exciting!

From the Help Manuel: About Sh-E-motion

“The founders of SRC4YOU, LLC have collaborated to produce this Spiritual Real Time Correction Qi Gong enhancer.

Qi Gong has also been known to enhance a diverse collection of relaxation, stress reduction and exercise programs such as, but not limited to, Reiki, Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation and many others.

Proper exercise and diet have always contributed to an individual’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. When the signals throughout the system are balanced, the immune system is more able to work optimally. This software program was created to merge Qi Gong with 21st century technology.

It allows individuals to accelerate their learning curve and tap into the skill level earned through 30+ years of intense study as the author achieved Supreme Grand Mastery and developed the Shun Shen Tao discipline of Qi Gong.

The singular goal of the product is to provide those who use it Spiritual Real-time Correction of physical, mental and spiritual signals that result in suffering and debility ranging from psychosocial and emotional issues to physical ailments.”

Here is the link!

Be sure to first read the brief but easy to follow help manual. I tend to jump right in first and was doing it wrong thereby NOT maximizing the benefits. (Yes…I am one of those.) But I was so glad I decided to take a look at the Help Manuel and saw the beauty of the maximum benefits for me with easy to follow instructions that made total sense!

I am proud to share this link with you and I wish you the best of joy, ease, and glory in your personal self help program based on the wisdom of  Qigong enhanced online technology! We are living in a changing world. Aren’t we blessed!?!

Blessings to All!

Alexandra Barrett

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Essentially Energy Workshops in Costa Rica Wed, 01 Feb 2012 12:23:52 +0000 Alexandra Barrett Continue reading ]]> Essentially Energy Workshops CORE HEALTH team. Alexandra Barrett and Michael Barrett, moved to Costa Rica in December 2011 by invitation to conduct a holistic (non medical) addictions program for Americans living and traveling in Costa Rica. We are loving this beautiful country and her gracious and beautiful people. This has been an amazing experience so far and we are finding great success with the program which we will be offering in the Warm Mineral Springs area upon our return to Florida in March.

Our friend Jim Trider, owner of Rejuvenations in Sarasota, has also asked us to continue offering our Heart Forgiveness and Core Health Workshops to his membership at Rejuvenations locations upon our return to FL.

We are working with a small group of addicts/alcoholics in Esterillos, just south of Jaco Beach on the Pacific coast, and we truly love everything about this place and the people we have met here. Unfortunately, we have been too busy to see much of Costa Rica so far, but before we head home in March we plan to do a couple of days of relaxing tourist activities. Hola!

My Spanish is still a joke but I have made progress!

If you know anyone who needs to come to Costa Rica for addictions or alcohol dependency…call the office in Sarasota at 941-388-7552 or contact us at admin@treatmentofaddiction and get them on a plane to Costa Rica, ASAP. See Costa Rica Medical Tourism Services for more info. There is no other program like this one in the US or Costa Rica so act immediately.

USA bound…one month and counting! HOO-RAH!

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Qigong Energy Programs SRC4U is SRC4ALL Wed, 22 Jun 2011 19:59:46 +0000 Alexandra Barrett Continue reading ]]> Qigong energy programs in online form have been unheard of by the masses until last year in 2010 when Grand Master David Harris and the SRC4U team brought us the Qigong Enhancer called SRC4U or SRC4ALL.  There had been some dabbling in that market, but nothing with the depth or breadth of this program.  There has never been anything remotely like SRC4ALL in its ease of use or its comprehensive coverage. For those who want or need to do nothing more than tap on a few keys online and launch their energy workout, this is a dream come true.  If you are one of the people who understand what this program is actually offering, then you are way far ahead of the curve. After using this program for about 7 months I can tell you that I am taking back my childhood energy and total anti-aging wellness one day at a time. My days are filled with quiet quantum leaps in that the rate of improvement is actually exponential and cumulative. No fanfare just lots more energy and strength that builds over time.

What can this mean for you and your life?  Well, for me it has meant being able to help friends and elderly family members who are not terribly active to get a workout energetically instead of having to do Qigong or Yoga or other weight training techniques that they may not be able to physically do right now. Mom and Dad can sit back in the recliner and watch their favorite show while getting a complete physical toning or workout. Walking, running, bicycling, swimming, rowing, skating or dancing can all be done energetically through the online program with the same or better actual results and little to no physical tiredness.

I do Qigong and a mega muscle workout daily via SRC4ALL and I feel fantastic. I can do actual physical pushups or I can do an hour of Qigong online. Both work and sometimes I do both but mostly I use the Qigong Enhancer because it is so much easier.  I sleep much more deeply the entire night waking fully refreshed in the morning.  I credit the SRC4U because I sleep the way I always have when actively working out at the gym yet I have not gone there for a few months now.  It is too hot for long walks in FL right now, but I am getting my workout needs met via SRC4ALL and I feel great!  I just have to set the program every day and my workout is guaranteed. How does it get any better than that?


Am I a fan of Grand Master David’s work and creation? Of course I am. For example, I started using it on a family member who was dealing with addiction to pain medication as soon as it came out and there has been a dramatic change in both behavior and attitude toward painkillers, while the need for continued medication has also mysteriously disappeared.  In fact, this young person has released all desire for using daily pain medication and is finally living more of a normal life than at any time over the last 7 years.  No one thought this could happen. This is one example of the efficacy of the program. It works in conjunction with the individuals express desire for help and improvement in any area of life and health that is desired.  The energy responds to the vibration of the intention and is enhanced by the Qigong Enhancer program.

I can talk about this all day, but the best thing for anyone who is curious or interested is to go to SRC4U and try it for 10 days for FREE.  Your own results will be your best measure of value and practicality. Sign up for the free trial. No credit card required either!  If ten days on the premium program trial period is not long enough for your satisfaction, there is a lite version of the program available for free indefinitely at the link. All I can say is that feeling is believing! You don’t have to buy it to try it.

One Grand Master of Martial Arts cannot possible take on the energy corrections of the entire world but what he can do is make the program that can and make it available in some form for all who want to use it.  As you look at the program and what it offers, your mind will immediately blossom with hope and excitement – if your response is anything like mine.

Email or comment if you have questions after you try the program and yes,there is a forum on the site. For those who are consciously aware of the value of Qigong as a form of energy wellness and healing in the Chinese tradition, this program is as cutting edge as we can ask for it to be.   We are approaching the leaps in consciousness all are seeking of the oncoming new age of self responsibility.  Lead the pack and try the Qigong Enhancer in your personal life, family, alternative practice, massage, or even run it during workshops and seminars!  It is awesome for enhancing that energy too.

Also, athletes love this program for quickly energizing and repairing of  bruises, sprains, exhaustion and other by-products of extreme physical exertion.  Contact me with questions at essentiallyenergy@gmail and I will get back to you asap. There is nothing to fear, its all about energy and everything is energy!

I am a broker for SRC4U and use it in my workshops regularly for the myriad benefits to my groups. Everyone likes it and we all notice the difference when it runs. I suggest you try it and have your own experience.

Look for Grand Master David Harris on Free Qigong Videos of the Shun Shen Tao!

I am Alexandra Barrett and You…Are Essentially Energy!

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Energy Communicates With Energy – Qigong SRC4U for the Masses Sat, 04 Jun 2011 00:38:18 +0000 Alexandra Barrett Continue reading ]]>


One who knows others is intelligent.
One who knows himself is enlightened.

One who conquers others is strong.
One who conquers himself is all-powerful.

From verse 33 of the Tao Te Ching

Have you ever wondered what makes one person able to work with the energy of another person?  I have. I have asked myself many times how I can help people feel better and be stronger by working with their energy using my energy.  Jesus did it. He said we could too.  He never said,” I am special and you are not.” He never said, “This is only for God-like beings such as I.” He never said, “Forget about it. You will never be good enough,” did he? Not in any teachings or Bible I ever read. The Dead Sea Scrolls contain no such words.  So here we are back at our original question. How do we do this “making people whole again” thing for ourselves and others?

In Core Health and Heart Forgiveness Workshops we Facilitators teach that people are already whole and that their pure core of natural inborn health is always intact even when covered up by layers of false beliefs and misunderstandings.  We call them “glitches.” We clear the glitches. Energy masters like Grand Master David Harris teach that everyone is already whole and that they can be returned to their wholeness as soon as they are ready, willing, and able to receive that energy alignment and correction of misaligned energy through the use of Qigong and other similar techniques that work with energy to correct alignment right now.

No one can force alignment upon us. No one can heal or correct energy against our will. Even God does not force wellness, healthy living, or joyful states of being upon us if we desire other states of mind and thus other states of  being. It is all in our willingness to be as we choose to be.

Back to my question of “How can I help myself and others to realign with their pure core of natural health once they have become entangled in the world of defaulting to the falsehoods?” I have in my knowledge and heart and energy, two tools. One is Core Health and Heart Forgiveness and the other is SRC4U or Spiritual Real Time Correction.  I seldom address it but I am an ordained minister in the Universal Unitarian Church. I appreciate that title because it is one of the few ordainment’s where I need not subscribe to a set parameter of beliefs nor need I subscribe to the exclusive club mentality of all may enter here “except” those who… blah, blah, blah. That does not mean that I have perfected unconditional love and acceptance.  It does mean that I have perfected accepting my limitations and imperfections and that I am thankful for a higher guidance that reminds me that I too am imperfect and more human than being until I graduate to a higher level of spiritual Beingness.  It is a lot to ponder.  In the meantime, I am being guided to recognize my own vulnerability as an asset and to appreciate my own limitations as a path to learning about the human state. vs. the being state.

Supreme Grand Master David Harris - SRC4U Inventor/Creator

Qigong is a martial arts practice that can be reduced to few words but can never be reduced to few benefits.  I can only begin to impress upon you the full range of beneficial attributes associated with a regular Qigong practice and ongoing experiential learning that comes with practice. We, all of us who work with Grand Master David Harris,  are blessed and honored to have a Supreme Grand Master in either four to six martial arts techniques as our mentor.  He rarely speaks of the title “Supreme” yet that is his designation and regardless of the nay-sayers, that is his true designation though he has never been a braggart, nor has he ever corrected anyone in my presence.  After 3 years of gradually working into the honored position of being his student, I am finally learning more and more about his work and his intensely multi-structured training and experience in all martial arts that he does and has redirected into healing energies rather than fighting warrior energies. Grand Master David is a lover of mankind and a respecter of God and persons. He does not maim carelessly and he has learned the value of life and health in each of our lives. All of his knowledge is directed toward the martial doctoring of those in need. He is respectful of life in all his work and practice.

As a student of Qigong for health and wholeness of energy and injuries of various kinds; as a witness to the power of Qigong to hasten natural healing along; as a practitioner of positive alignment and healthy orientations regardless of the situation; I accept that some things we do not quite understand and SRC4U aka Spiritual Real-time Corrections for you is one of those that defies logical thought processes because like Core Health it works in the energy above the mind measurement on Dr. David R. Hawkins scale of human consciousness into unconditional love up above 500 and all the way to 1000.

Although Qigong has been around thousands of years longer than Dr. David R. Hawkins, both have bumped into each other and Core Health with a surprising number of similarities and common ground. Each in its own way magnificently corroborates the validity of the other whether it chooses to or not.  SRC4U is in effect, Supreme Grandmaster David Harris’ map of human consciousness. Pretty cool, I say.  Is it any wonder that I am feeling the calling of this path to learn what can only be learned with practice and a good teacher such as a world famous Grand Master or an effective tool unlike any other – SRC4U ?  First you have to be willing. Second you have to practice. Third you have to be in the heart. Fourth, you must practice, practice, practice and study the Grand Master’s videos on You Tube until you begin to let it sink it.  Guess what? They are all free.  And if you are very intent, very serious and  determined you must also remember to express gratitude for the amazing opportunity to know a Supreme Grand Master who wants to share his knowledge to make the world a better and totally self in powered place to find yourself and your opportunities.

To those who say “I want to learn about the benefits of Qigong.” I say this. You will be unlikely to find a better opportunity to experience the benefits than this! The beautiful thing about experiencing and using Qigong and/or the Qigong Enhancer, SRC4U is that is replaces nothing and enhances everything whether it is massage, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, Chinese medicine herbs, or any other forms of treatment.

Alexandra Barrett, Certified  Core Health Facilitator, SRC4U User and Broker.  Contact me with questions or please comment.

Thank you.

Lotus Bloom by Alex Arthur - pure energy


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Heart Forgiveness 2011-2012 Our Mission Thu, 19 May 2011 00:15:58 +0000 Alexandra Barrett Continue reading ]]> Heart Forgiveness Workshops Facilitators, Alexandra & Michael Barrett are committing to a mission. Yes, we are, and this is it…

After almost two years of doing Heart Forgiveness Workshops and having the experiences of seeing what happens and how people respond; how they express their happiness that we are here to help them have this experience and what that means to them; we are clear that we are being called to do something important. We are surprised we did not see it sooner but we do have it and we are on it. Our mission has been revealed and it is a good purpose to commit to over the next 18 months, especially.

Our mission is to travel as much as possible to a variety of places, to do the workshops with people who want to clear their hearts and energy of anger, resistance, blocks to forgiveness and love, and fear of being free. People are ready to be free of anger of all kinds whether from childhood, losses, disappointments, and failed systems or false beliefs. People are ready to be free of anger at themselves. People are ready to unload their baggage in a permanent way. People are ready to position themselves to receive love and to give love as never before. Even if resistance arises we are hungry for peace, within and without. People do not want clouded, angry and sad entanglements. What they do want is loving, peaceful, joyful and focused relationships and friendships minus the time wasting drama. People are ready to love and accept themselves!

Heart Experience

We are finding that most people desire self acceptance, and a good partner of like mind, of like spirit, of like care about the world and its gigantic dilemmas, yet strong in their identity and faith in Source, knowing that they can rise above the troubled waters to calm them from within. They know peace and joy and awareness of Source and Oneness are key to their happiness.

How to get there? Shed the baggage of the past. Release the failed relationships that helped you grow to this point and get ready to be fully present and clear to love as Yourself. Be willing to be honest with yourself to help yourself. We make the way easier and quickly measurable. Forgive yourself most of all.  The Key Is To Be Free!

Far too many people have had too many painful disappointments such as job losses, divorces, foreclosures, drugs, terminal illness, loss of beloved partners to death and disease, governments that failed, investments and banks that are failed and failing. Honestly people, is there ANY DOUBT THAT ANGER HAS BECOME RAVAGING TO THE AVERAGE PERSON? Anger is the last thing we want determining the state of our health.

Call us to host a workshop in your town. We will discuss special details. Our plan is that each new place where we do one or two workshops will generate the interest of at least one or two prospective new facilitators in Heart Forgiveness so that we can begin to create a massive network in every state of locally hosted Heart Forgiveness Workshops. Be empowered and INpowered!

We have a lot of work to do before 12/12/12. Wouldn’t you agree? Join us in this mission to massively reduce anger while bringing people to reside in their hearts. In addition to our weekly workshops locally we can do about 2 more workshops per month in August through November and only the first weekend in December. We have cleared our calendar to make Heart Forgiveness and You our priority.

May we ask you to help make this happen? Can you imagine living without all the collective anger and the anger buttons planted over your lifetime? Together we can make a difference and raise the energy vibration massively starting NOW! Call us to set a date and make a plan!

We are ready and it is the most important focus for the remaining year and a half. You can help and benefit.

The Heart Forgiveness Workshop Intensive (non local) is a Friday evening, Saturday morning and afternoon, with lunch provided, and Sunday afternoon.

OR The Heart Forgiveness Weekly (local) is once a week for 4 weeks at a local facility. See the sign up page on this blog for pricing.

I am Alexandra Barrett and I am a Heart Forgiveness Certified Facilitator.
Thank you. Bless you.

Heart Light

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Sarasota Forgiveness in the Heart Mon, 16 May 2011 22:38:33 +0000 Alexandra Barrett Continue reading ]]> What makes Sarasota so great? Think about it.
Is it the world famous beaches? Is it the many tributes to the Ringling’s, it’s founders? Is it the amazing volume of culture and arts that thrive here like the Sarasota Opera or the Asolo Theater? Is it the awesome climate and well laid out city? Is it the many Keys that surround us like Lido and Siesta? Is it the fantastic SRQ Airport? Is it the relative wealth and happiness that seem to live and thrive here? Is it the variety of beautiful homes and year round golf? Is it the spiritual life and energy of Oneness? What is it?

I believe it is all of the above and more. Sarasota is an amazing medium size city that appeals to people from all over the world. We are grateful and we are blessed. That is nothing to sneeze at folks.

Beyond that I believe it is the spiritual connection, the love, the intention of collective Sarasota to live in the heart, to give from the heart, to heal the heart, and most especially to forgive from and in the heart. That is what makes Sarasota a great city beyond all of it’s magnificent attributes.

We are adding to that Legacy of Greatness that Sarasota and her people have created and are expanding day by day. We are adding to that greatness with each Heart Forgiveness Workshop we teach in and around Sarasota now extending out to Siesta Key in June or July as well.

Sarasota is home to a growing number of people taking the Heart Forgiveness Workshop with the intention to heal and clear all the years of anger from their hearts, energies, minds, spirits, relationships, friendships, jobs, and networks. Sarasota is raising the energy of Sarasota day by day through clearing years of accumulated anger with every participant who dares to face their worst enemy called Un-forgiveness and UN-cleared anger. Parents, friends, teachers, nurses, caretakers, therapists, employers and employees, all living or deceased, deserve to experience forgiveness that transcends time and space but always, ALWAYS starts in the HEART!

See the schedule here on the blog and sign up for a Heart Forgiveness Workshop today. Be part of the Healing Heart of Sarasota and BE FREE of ANGER forever!

I promise you that once you do, the work will continue in you long after the workshop is done.

Keep Sarasota energetically clean and beautiful!

I am Alexandra Barrett and I am a Certified Heart Forgiveness Facilitator.
Namaste’ and Blessings to you and yours.

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AWAKEN With Heart Forgiveness (video) Mon, 16 May 2011 21:33:11 +0000 Alexandra Barrett Continue reading ]]> It is time to AWAKEN with Heart Forgiveness for families, couples, singles, friends, anyone and everyone!

Today a dear friend who has supported Heart Forgiveness Workshops in Sarasota since we first started them early in 2010 sent me a video that made me cry and opened my heart to the point where it was throbbing with expansion. Heart Chakra’s do that.

Thank you, Dr. Tatiana, owner of Transendance Wellness, for this gift of love. I have to share this video with everyone and I hope that many will find it here, on YouTube or somewhere through a loving friend like I did.

AWAKEN-It is time.

Heart Forgiveness is a way to clear the heart of YEARS of accumulated toxic and destructive anger that cannot be seen but only felt like an energy ghost one has chased away a thousand and one times.
Each session offers a clearing process that includes guided meditations as part of the process which helps one to become accustomed to taking that time daily to focus on the inner and clear the energy as you clear a lifetime of anger and add to the peace effort in the world.

Join us.
I am Alexandra Barrett and I am a Heart Forgiveness Workshop, Certified Facilitator.
See our schedule of workshop events for Summer on this blog.


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Grand Master David Harris Offers SRC4U in Sarasota May 25 Fri, 13 May 2011 22:12:14 +0000 Alexandra Barrett Continue reading ]]>

Grand Master David Harris

Returning to Sarasota on May 25th at Radiance of Sarasota is Grand Master David Harris, the youngest Martial Arts Grand Master in the World.  SRC4U, Grand Master David’s “Qigong Enhancer” the online program, is an exciting addition for people who do body work, massage therapy, naturopathy, homeopathy, Chinese medicine,  and other modalities typically considered alternative to traditional western wellness maintenance.
It is long known that moving the energy in and around the body adds to strength and wellness as well as peace of mind much like meditation, and all other inner martial arts forms. People often mistakenly think of martial arts only in the context of fighting techniques.  After all, how many Taoist monks have you spoken with lately? Westerners tend to lose sight of the deeper side of inner eastern healing and health techniques used for thousands of years prior to the existence of western medicine and its outer applications to wellness approach.  Fortunately, there are applications for both and both are needed in the world.

We have all heard the saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” an old Franklin quote. The Qigong Enhancer can help with prevention and assist energetically in maintaining wellness using Qigong energy techniques. After working on a more primitive programming already in existence – that left much to be desired – Grand Master David found that rather than try to fix something that was not nearly up to his standards, that he could and would do it right utilizing major technology updates and a standard of current knowledge acquired over his many years of martial arts and natural health training. Along with his mastery of knowledge as a Grand Master and his training in massage therapy and body work as well as many herbal and health techniques both Eastern and Western in origin, Grand Master David has created a program that far exceeds anything seen to date in online Qigong programming for energy enhancement and correction.

The opportunity for slow steady improvement of many kinds of energetically declining bodily health systems can benefit from any kind of Qigong and most certainly from this form of Qigong which is substantially concentrated and targeted in its approach to improving overall energy, strength, peace of mind, and other isolated and integrated issues.

For greater overall wellness maintenance and often dramatic improvements, try the demo program on SRC4U and see how you like the experience. You cannot overdo it and it cannot hurt you.  Just know that like any kind of wellness program, you would not naturally do it 24/7 and that is plain common sense.  Again, it cannot hurt you and at worst you may need extra rest and much more frequent consumption of water because you are working in the body’s energy system which is currency and requires extra water to optimize the natural flow of balanced energy wellness.

This works well on pets as well and we have tried it ourselves on various pets of friends who have requested assistance. There are plenty of solid testimonials among our group!

If you would like to attend the presentation by Grand Master David and his team and experience SRC4U in person, please call Alexandra or Michael Barrett, the promoters in Sarasota at (941) 227-3884 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (941) 227-3884      end_of_the_skype_highlighting~ and reserve your seat today for May 24th at Radiance of Sarasota, Ringling Blvd. and Tuttle Ave. in the Gold Ring Plaza corner mall. Reserve for yourself and guests because there are limited seats and a count is needed for availability of chairs. Reservations will be seated first and the event is FREE to the public with a Love Offering appreciated to Radiance of Sarasota for hosting the event.  Radiance of Sarasota is a 501c3.

Grand Master David Harris will speak the entire time while using the SRC4U and demonstrating its effectiveness for groups and individuals.  The program may be purchased at the event and is delivered on a flash drive or software protection dongle.

The event will begin at 7 pm sharp on May 25 at the Gold Ring Plaza and we hope to see you there! Parking is available and there is a Richard’s Whole Foods there if you desire snacks or beverages prior to the event. Please be so kind as to support the location and its businesses.

Thank You!

I am Alexandra Barrett and I am a Certified Facilitator of Heart Forgiveness and Core Health Workshops in Sarasota.


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